Routes Manifesto


Routes is considered a leader and innovator within the Rural Community Transportation field. Our work does not consist of merely providing ride. Moving people has always been our primary goal, however through re-branding in 2012 we had the opportunity to explore the impact we have on the overall community. 

We did this by engaging our many stakeholders – clients, staff, volunteers, community members, client agencies, funders etc. It became very clear that we move people in many more ways than simply providing rides from point A to point B. 

Helping people develop and grow is what led to the idea of Roots/Routes. The word Routes speaks to so many of our ideas and hopes for our community. We are natural collaborators and are very thankful for the tremendous partnerships we have throughout the community. 

We’re here to help people discover the ‘Routes’ available in life and to develop strong ‘Roots’ that empower them to independence and connectivity within their Georgina community. 

Our Manifesto… the upward, meandering arrow – represents the journey our clients are on. Working towards improving their quality of life however as we all know it’s often not a straight path in life. The words that make up the arrow come from our stakeholders… so fittingly built on the foundation of “Volunteerism”.
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