We help people who are dealing with life challenges get to where they need to go on their journey. Apart from affordable transportation, we also offer a caring conversation along the way. 

Typical destinations include:
- Medical, legal and social service appointments
- Georgina Food Pantry and Newmarket Food Pantry
- Counselling services
- Addiction services
- Employment and job search activities
- Family and friends that offer emotional support
- Educational programs and opportunities 

We have standard pricing for the following:
- Georgina and Newmarket Food Pantry: free of charge
- In-town ride: $10 
- Sutton – Pefferlaw: $17
- Sutton-Keswick: $17 
Keswick-Pefferlaw: $25  
Sutton-Newmarket: $35  
- Keswick-Newmarket: $28 
- Willow-Beach to Sutton: $13
- Georgina and Newmarket Food Pantry: free of charge

We offer a fee subsidy assistant for eligible residents.

All rides are return trips, based on a 2-hour waiting time. For all other destinations, please call our dispatch line: (905) 722-4616 

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